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911 SWAT [21 Oct 2006|06:59pm]
So one of the coolest things happened on friday. My friend Adriana and I were grabbing some things from my place when I got a call from my aunt and she needed a pick up and drive to her work since her car broke down. Her new job is a placement at the SWAT headquarters in toronto near the Leslie Ikea. As we were driving her there she mentioned that a bunch of the guys were there and that maybe we should go in and meet the guys and get a tour! How cool is that! So obviously me and Adriana were up for it and so we went.
At first i wasn't expecting hte guys to be that big but damn, everyone of their arms was the size of a normal mans thigh, IT'S TRUE! These guys have to exercise a minimum of 2 hours in the SWAT gym every single day of the week, no less. Oh and not to mention that not a single weight in the gym was less then 100 lbs. It was insane.
So then our head tour guy Gorge (he was massive!!) took us to the garage where the COOLEST vehicles stay. I got to see his undercover SWAT SUV which was fully prepared with a battering ram, full riot uniform (Which we all got to try on, and let me tell you these guys have to be super strong to be able to pivot around with all that shit on), duffle bag full of grenades and tear gas guns and cartriges (which come in an arangement of powders liquids and blinders), at least 2 tasers, and 3 Glocks (hand guns, i know their cool terms!!). He let us try and pick up all of the heavy things and damn those one man battering rams are freaking heavy, not to mention Old Misery the 4 man ram which weighs 300 lbs, and also New Misery which is a 6 man ram weighing 400 lbs.
This is just a little side note but ya i got to hold all of his cool weapons like his glock and tasers and such which were really cool, but then again so are AK47's or as the SWAT teams better version which is the MP5. I HELD A MACHINE GUN!! This thing shoots 60 bullets per second! And they travel 28000 meters per second, FREAKY!! The bullets are even special too, they have a copper tip which is actually dull. The copper is on the tip so that when it comes in contact with human flesh, it mushrooms out to get lodged into the persons system, and causes them horrible pain/torture if they try to take it out themselves. Oh and it come with this cool scope which allows you to see what your shootingup close but it also has a laser pointer installed that allows you to see the laser for more precise shooting, but there is no visible laser point on the target... HOW COOL!!! the movies have nothing on the real thing!
So his car was pretty cool but as we all know the entire SWAT team can't fit in just a single SUV, they always have cooler vehicles to go around in. Oh ya people i got to go into the SWAT bus!! The entire vehicle is 4 inches thick adn fully bullet proof. They have a hatch in the top which opens to so they can shoot people, and they also have a switch that pulls down this blockade thing from the bottom of the bus that reaches the ground to block any bullets that people try to ricochet to hit the Team members.
After the bus came the heavy duty Bomb bus, coolest thing ever. This thing comes fully equiped with everything the bomb team needs, including a bomb suit which weights a little over a 100 lbs (only the top half! Pants not included) Adriana couldn't even hold it up herself. Oh and they have this really cool robot bomb defuser thing which is huge, and it fully functions like a real human arm.
Then our last stop was at the shooting range, it was AWESOME! The practice room has, i believe around 4 feet of rubber conveyor belts from Defasco which they arranged side by side to catch bullets and not get ruined. Oh ya and she showed me the area where they set up situations to train their SNIPERS!! Oh and he also said that the next time i go and get shoot some guns... Even his MP5!!! But i do have to get a little bit of training from him before i get my hands on the machine gun.
So That was my very long entry of the COOLEST experience in a long time. I just can't wait to shoot them guns, and let my hick side get some relief.
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Random [12 Oct 2006|07:05pm]
Well for some very odd reason i just felt it would be a good idea to post, I know its random eh. But ya mid terms coming up... very boring, but that just means lots of studying and then a big party at the end that is much needed. I always love the end of studying fun, its great times but i should be spending more time on figuring out how im gonna pass this year. When Neuroanatomy hits me again, its gonna be like a trump building landing on the wicked witch of the west, sounds scarry doesn't it.

Quick side note... Its currently snowing in Markham... Weird

But ya oh the positive side Scotlands closer then its ever been... Only one and a half semesters till i'll be there and then thats when the real partying starts. Living in Glasgow is gonna be super amazing and all the scotish things are gonna be super cool (as if everything is going to be completely different haha). But i just can't wait to leave my stupid bubble that i've been stuck in my entire life, and "spreading my wings" haha. Its going to be an amazing experience, well minus the whole Gillian factor but i can find my ways of avoiding that bitch for extended amounts of time... So excited!!!

Well i believe im done now cause i don't want to share much more, other then oktoberfest which i better be going to cause it would really suck to miss it. Hope you guys can make it!!

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[13 Feb 2006|10:08pm]
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WEIRD! [08 Feb 2006|09:11pm]
So i came home from work all tired and gross, decided to play some games on my little computer and then received an msn message from a friend i haven't talked to for a while. She tells me about the hard times in northern canada and how her boyfriend was having a hard time and such and then she slipped and said " this will affected us so horribly" or something along those lines. So i asked how this affected her that much as well and she responded with "oh ya... im engaged". Big surprise!! Shes my age! and is engaged! Y!!! but shes happy so im happy for her and then she asked me something i really wasn't expecting "I couldn't imagine doing it without you right beside me... You know be my maid of honour?" Shit thats weird.... Me a maid of honour at the age of 20ish??? Never in my mind would i have thought that anyone would ask me to be a maid of honour im so immature.... its a lot of work.... or so i hear... But you know i can't say no, and therefore i am going to be in a wedding and not as a flower girl (which i would have been so much better at) but to be right beside her as she says "I do"

Oh god this is weird
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How did it know?? [04 Nov 2005|09:19pm]
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YAY TRIPS! [12 Aug 2004|09:11pm]
Hey everyone!!
Well were back in kuching now and therfore im using teh internet...In Sibu thye didn't have the internet so meh. But yes we treked all over Sibu and saw everything we could. We actually visted a native long house, its this house which about 40-45 houses long and all attached by one uber long hallway at the back. It was really cool, oh and dare i mention the whole thing is in stilts, but not too high just to get it over the mud. But yes it was vrey cool and the people were very nice. And DAMN IM THE MINORITY NOW!!! its weird everywhere i look people are staring at me and none stop, its creepy. One man was even peeking over the back of a park bench just to stare...it scared me, but i got over it. And yes so the native house was cool, we also went to one of their YMCA resort thingies and we stayed under one of their gazebos and ate some luch and then we went swimming/walking in a jungle river it was really pretty, and i have loads of pictures so u can all see and feel important!!!We've also bought many a things cause things down here are so cheap!!! dana bought a shirt that was around 5 bucks here and so its like 1 buck so its really nice to buy so many things for so cheap i love it,cause its like one uber deal!! oh and i must mention that everyone must be home when we get home, none of this leaving to go to university before we get back cause that wont be fair!!! we have to see u off!! but yes thats all, hope u guys are having a blast and talk to u soon.
p.s. dana says hi
p.p.s. tomorrow we f=get to go to a resort with tree houses!!!! im so excited, we get to stay there for 2 nights and its all air conditionned and everything. I'll take lots of pictures, oh ya dana reminded me we're actaully staying in one of the tree houses!!! EXCITING!!! i think so.
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IM FINALLY HERE!!!! [02 Aug 2004|08:53pm]
Well dana and i arrived yesterday around 3am canadian time and 3 pm malaysian time and we were wso tired from our flight. We ate so much food during our flight and when we got here, i have a feeling im going to be like 5 pounds heavier when i get back. Today we went to the jungle, damn was it ever cool!! we went to go see this fungus which blooms for only about 3-4 days and today was one of those days!! but the only set back was the monsoon like rain. It kicked ass thos cause we went to find it anywyas nothing could stop us!! our trail giude was like some surreal jungle man, it was like he was george of the jungle climbing like a monkey and able to fly through all of the foliage. it took about 30 mins to find the plant and about 5 mins to leave it was funny but veyr cool it ws like 3 times the size of me head!! oh and ps there wasn't a trail we were walking straight through the jungle, we were roughing it!! but ya we had to travel accross a river too and it as funny cause we (dana and me) were wearing runners adn i had one saoking wet foot while the other was slightly soaked, sound fun or what!! prunee feet!!!but ya one the way home we had to put newspaper and plastic bags on the car seats so that we wouldn't saok em and hahah we're all covered in news print cause we were soo wet and fell asleep in it haha its great, dana even tried to read mine but its too smuged... we think it might be the obituaries tho for some odd reason, or just a mnurder seeing as how its our luck. But yes i shall now let dana tell u our adventures in her own words, take it dana....

hey guys

i hope everyones having fun in canada..... its freaky deaky dutch ass hot!! but i love it here so it doesnt matter!! i love the people and the smell and the food, and other than the bugs and ericas pungent odour... its perfect! but the plane ride here sucked.. it was 21 hours in total with 3 stop offs in between. On the longest part of the flight (10hours to hong kong) we were about 2 hours in when i was juiced!! thats rite! juiced!.. i was just sitting in my seat next to the aisle minding my own business, when the stupid stewardess man stops the refreshment cart right by my seat. He must have stopped it abruptly because a perfectly placed cup of orange juice was tossed off the cart and went all down my back leaving me wet and sticky and smelling of orange.. ... erica and my dad were complaining to the stewardesses trying to get us bumped to first class... buuuut .. it didnt work cuz the plane was all full... so... instead the put a plastic bad on the seat and a towel over top... but it was ok! and its hard not being able to talk the language here... the locals will come and talk to my family and they'll look at me or erica, and they know we can only speak enlgish, but they'll ask us sokmething... and we just reply with blank stares and everyone laughs... people over here have a deranged sense of humour.... and everywhere we go erica gets stared at cuz shes WHITE (p.s. greg thats a kick ass site)..... but ne ways! u guys are prob sick of reading so i'll say good bye!!!!!
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trip! [26 Jul 2004|04:39pm]
Well today dana and i went to orfus road and went shopping. We didn't get much but it was still fun. The moth was the scariest part of the drive...
But yes, we leave on friday!!! 10am, kinda early but u know i think i can handle it...ive been trying to buy all the stuff i need to go there and damn im wasting all my money that i need to buy things over there with, oh well i can deal. the flight's going to be the heardest thing.... 19 hours in a plane with... Dana....damn...but im still SO excited!!!!
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[28 Jun 2004|07:37pm]

tripsilver Highway
Mt. Happiness7
Study Hall12
Tower of Commitment60
Valley of Depression115
Confusion Lane392
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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hopefully!! [28 Jun 2004|07:12pm]
Theres still a hope for little old me. I called centennial since they've just completely forgotten about me and they said that they're still reviewing for my program which made no sense to me but meh shit happens. They also said that they've been having some computer problems or so i think, i hope its true cause i really want to go there, its the best school for massage damnit! But yes i have to call back later and piss them off some more-i was told to do this by a lady who my mom knows that works there- so i hope it works. Im bored but not bored enough to write about my entire day, therefore im leaving.
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Go me!!! [28 Jun 2004|01:58am]
What kind of disease are you?


erica is caused by sponges.

erica disease will make you be a preppy bastard.
The only way to cure erica infection is to run in circles until you fall down.
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[27 Jun 2004|07:44pm]
Well last night was fun...other then how my parents came home, but they didn't care which was odd. But yes it was great case the hot tub was fun, the games were great-other then how Nik lied about me beating him...but i got over it- and well yes it was a fun night and hopefully we can all do it again some time soon... but my parents wont be leaving i don't think so thats a sad thought.
but yes just thought i might post seeing as how i never do, and plus..... im bored.
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[07 Jun 2004|08:28pm]
Ok well it may not be my user name, but i put my real name in it and it was funny.... Mainly becuase well if u know me if kinda funny...



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Watch out!!! [03 Jun 2004|08:48pm]
tripsilver is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


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booyaa!! [27 Apr 2004|01:03pm]
Im in the library with Sam....It's kinda boring since we have nothing to do....but Sam has just informed me she wants to show me something, maybe this will lead to doing something u never know..... haha im funny...well at least Sam laughed... im not really im sorry. But yes today has been fun, not attenting class even though my mom had a "talk" with me saying " Erica u shouldn't take classes for granted, ur education is everything" BULLSHIT!!!
oh well, school sucks and all i ahve to do is sign in.... i love being 18, it makes the world of a difference in High school.... oh well but yes i will be leaving now so that Sam can show me that thing she wanted me to see.... GOODBYE PEOPLE!!!
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[19 Apr 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well this weekend was eventful, both in the good and bad way. My car broke down almost half an hour after picking it up from the mechanic. It was shitty at first but then just got funnier and funnier, it was great. That night we just hung out and went to some parks and it was fun. The shittier part of weekend was Niko going lost. I cried...but thats only cause i have a heart so meh..... We left some little card thingies in peoples mail boxes about it, I hope someone finds or has her and calls us..... But ya thats about the end of it, so bye!

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Today [14 Apr 2004|07:32pm]
Well well...
Today was fun, i skipped Bio once again....I hope Kerhoulas doesn't mind, but thats a long shot. We went to Nik's and had fun... It was a good cool off, i liked it! Tehn everyone started leaving, first Raina then Dill..... And then there were two... We became crafty and made some arts and crafts...haha...It was great. Tehn we played some basketball which i suck at, but managed to beat Nik in the beginning... I had quite the lead, at least 10 before he broke his ice..... GO ME!! After that escapade we visited Sam at home A.K.A the cancer patient...hahah... but yes after that i went home and now im being forced to watch the game...i don't mind!! bye!!
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[11 Apr 2004|11:58am]
Why do i feel like this...
easter means bright colours and good moods
then why am i the only one feeling like shit...
I've waited for this weekend for a while,
i guess i shouldn't have set high expectations
why do they feel they have to be parents all of a sudden?
It makes no sense
the common theme of my happy easter weekend is exactly the opposite...
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[13 Mar 2004|01:28pm]
Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
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Superhero NameManic-Depressive Man
Super PowerCan See Into The Future
EnemyMartha Stewart
Mode Of TransportationCadillac With Rims
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[07 Mar 2004|02:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well this weekend was fun.......great fun. It's as if the whole week was just an extension of last weekend, which was great cause school sucks.......and its ruining my life. So ya well on friday we wentover to Raina's, it was great fun.......i love her house, its so cool and in the middle of nowhere that it's just that much more fun....... We didn't know what to do for the longest time, and then eventually we ended up listening to Pink Floyds Darker Side of the Moon. Holly shit when the heart was beating in the beginning i was so scared i thought some man with a hook for a hand was gonna pop up beside me on the other side of the window..............i didn't look out that window for the rest of hte night. It was great, but then the music got happier and then i felt like i was frolicking in a poppy field.... t was a definate change in emotions. Yesterday i worked with Franca...oh man i love her she's so funny, its pure laughs working with her.......but then she told me to leave early cuase i had my nana's birthday dinner to go to, so i left 20 mins early and didn't puch out cuase she told me not too. I hope she remembers to tell Roland that i just "forgot" to puch out. Then i went to my nana's dinner....my aunt greeted me with a hug and shes the only one that knows about my peircing other then my sister and she was all like so can u flash a boob........i could have hurt her cause my dad heard and was all confused kinda funny but then not......... So after that i got lost dropping my sister off at her friends house. She's so damn sneaky that bitch is. In the restaurant she asked if i would do it and i said yes only if its close. She told me "Don't worry she lives in Markham" little do i know its on the bleddy outskirts near Scarbourough. I could have hurt her. After being lost for like half an hour i went to Sam's picked her up and helped her a little wiht cleaning her room. Dana had this dumb plan (she was driving her car as well i met up with htem at Sam's) to beat me in a car race to my house...... Oh nieve llittle Dana, i have a trubo engine.....Ur Suzuki wont win. She persisted and Sam and i smoked her...We had time to turn around on my street park and go in stealth mode before she even cmae close to being on my street...... She seemed so disapointed when i turned my lights on...kinda like when Nik beat me to my house on thursday..but thats besides the point.Well i think im done writting cause this is a bore to read....... Bye!

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